Slip Fix!

The immense majority of hair care products within the Afro-Caribbean, cosmetic market is widely recognised. The list is almost infinite; however, significant research and surveys exhibit the quest for a formula manufactured as an easy to apply product. The hair growth market scale is impressively wide and almost all products are in oil or serum form. A search goes on for a formula deemed practical or non-greasy. Amongst the community, questions and statements like the following have raised; "Why do Afro-Caribbean products have to be so oily?" And " The product grew my hair, but it also weighed it down" Or "I wash my hair regularly but i still seem to have a lot of build up". Oily products are not practical for everybody to use all of the time. A mother of a toddler and a six year old is unlikely to willingly handle oils in the morning whilst she's getting them ready for school. It is understood that oils contribute a great deal to the ingredients list. That being said, customers are still looking for an effective moisturiser that can be applied daily and easily.

The wait is over!

There is a bottle of magic waiting for you!

Fix Me Daily Hair moisturiser is the answer everybody is looking for.  This may actually be the most significant hair moisturiser you ever lay eyes on. As an intensive, unique formula blended with natural ingredients; It's distinctive, sweet and minty aroma alone is enough to turn heads. As the name suggests, this is the fix for damaged hair in result of manipulation and a lack of nourishment, retaining moisture, restoring elasticity and adding volume to your locks. It's work doesn't stop there though. This is your go-to for a cooling, scalp soother that relieves dryness and itching. Fix Me is your ideal choice of moisturiser prior to blow outs. You can expect a soft and silky texture along with a glossy appearance. It's growth stimulating ingredients are indeed rich; however, unlike hair grease products, this slept on beauty is not considered an oily one at all. Practical is a sound description, as Fix Me can be used at any time of the day. It has been referred to as "baby lotion for hair". Despite the significant essential oils including Clove, you can expect a light and effective, easy to apply moisturiser, leaving your follicles free and scalp refreshed.

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