Mature And Delicate

How well do you treat your Nana?

I'll take the initiative to assume your answer includes with respect and with love and care. Your grandparents have seen a lot and paved the way for you so you should indeed appreciate and respect them. They are also mature and delicate so you need to care for them to make sure they are nurtured and strong. You should really have the same perspective about the ends of your hair. It is in fact the oldest part of your hair and should receive the most attention.

The simplest way to do that is have your hair in protective styling before you go to bed at night , twists are the most practical choice in my opinion. Once your hair is divided into large sections, its easier and quicker to access the ends of your locks. This is one but not the only preventative measure to avoid split ends and breakage.

Below are some simple steps to a beneficial routine.

1). Pour your deep conditioner into a bowl. If you don't have one, they're easy to get a hold of at beauty supply stores or alternatively, there's tons of videos o YouTube if you're a DIY kind of chick.

2). Your hair should be de-tangled. If not, you can section your hair and work through each section with your fingers and deep conditioner.

3). Two strand twist each section.

4). Take some deep conditioner and rub your hands together so that they're coated in conditioner.

5). You are now going to cuff each twist from the mid-section with two of your hands and rub down right to the ends.

6). Once you're done, tie your head with a satin bonnet or scarf.

7). The next day: It is up to you whether you'd like to rinse out the conditioner or leave it in for another day. Either way, add some moisturiser to your ends from the mid-section down.

And Voila!

I recommend doing this 3 times a week to really care for your ends but feel free to up the ante :)

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You're welcome :)