Keep The Must In The Moisture!


all that dosh spent on treatment and a boosted ego, feeling rather pleased with yourself after popping into Boots and buying the most expensive hair conditioner, your hair still craves the satisfaction of long lasting results where moisture is concerned. 

Don't sigh just yet Hun. Not unless its a sigh of relief that we have a list of 3 significant tips that can transform the state of your strands quite drastically. Yay!

So it's important that before you experiment with any method, you identify the reason your hair is not retaining moisture in the first place. Whilst you'll need to pay attention to your lifestyle and diet to decipher the cause, we have generalised and created a short list of tips that we've also seen amazing results from. 

1). Is your water soft or hard?

"What on earth do you mean is my water soft or hard?"

I know, I know. Sounds rather odd doesn't it? It isn't though. Hard water contains minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium ions. These minerals dissolved in the hard water create a scaly film on the hair. This prevents moisture from entering the hair. In result of that your hair is either frizzy, dry and dull or both. The minerals in hard water cause your hair cuticles to stand up, which can make your hair feel rough and dry. Soft water on the other hand allows the natural oils in your body to contribute to hydration and keep your hair soft and shiny. There are countless videos and articles that can show you quick and simple, yet effective methods to find out whether your water is hard or soft. If results tell you that your water is hard, it'd be a good idea to purchase a filter for your shower head or simply use distilled water to wash your hair. You'll see how much more longer lasting your hair products are and how much more your locks benefit from them!

2). Fish is your friend!

Protein contributes a great deal to strengthening hair and promoting soft and healthy strands. Sardines are loaded with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, iron, zinc, and a whole lot of of vitamin B12. This is also going to work wonders for your skin care.We are sardine fans at Fix ME and we know that not everybody feels the same way. This is why you should take advantage of supplements. Fish oil supplements are pretty easy to purchase and we recommend that you add these to your daily diet.

3). Drink plenty of......

I'll give you 3 guesses! Dehydrating your insides is like taking a scraper and physically removing any moisture from your hair and skin. It really will benefit the state of your hair if you drink at least 5 cups of distilled or sprig water a day. 

Start now! Own the responsibility for having a full head of shiny, luscious hair. Send us pictures of your results, we'd love to see them!  You can send these to our email address or instagram us.

Thank you for hanging out with us this morning. See you next month.

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