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Founder of Fix Me, Michaela Dehaney initiated the course of action to experiment with a variety of natural substances to contribute to her own well being. 

Upon doing so, she in cooperated these substantial ingredients into hair and skin care products, with intentions to promote growth, repair damage and rejuvenate.

Having said that, our record of sales and surveys indicate that Fix Me Daily Hair Moisturiser is the most useful and popular of them all. Because of this we think its only right that we give our old girl all of our attention. Whilst it is currently the only product we sell, it is THE product.

Customers until this day are not only remarkably thankful for the significant speed in their hair growth, but also the quality of their hair in result of sound nourishment and repair. It appears that our ability to produce a formula that contributes a great deal to Afro-Caribbean, natural hair, without being too greasy or causing buildup is impressive to this segment of the market.


At Fix Me, we take pride in encouraging our friends to exercise their opportunity to consume the most essential elements as much as possible. Our conception of beauty goes way beyond the surface. Next to selling our effective product, we use our platform to familiarise our customers with remedies that are favourable to our health, both externally and internally.